What you need to DO and who you need to BE

The COVID-19 pandemic has given rise to a new way of work on many levels. Unfortunately, it has resulted in a number of people being retrenched. With the drop in turnover and therefore profits, companies have had to take a hard look at expenses and minimise their risk for the uncertainty of the future. The consequence of a smaller workforce is an increased workload on the people who are still employed. Hesitant to appoint people permanently to assist with this sometimes unrealistic workload we are seeing an increase in requests for temporary staff to get project work done.

Benefits for you if you are currently unemployed:
o Short term contracts will keep you busy and keep you stimulated.
o The work you do on a temporary assignment can add a different skills set to your CV.
o There is always the possibility of a temporary assignment/contract turning into a permanent position. This is a good way to get a sense of the company before you commit.
o You are able to continue to add value and feel a sense of purpose which is great news for your mental wellbeing.

o Amend your CV to show you are open to do temporary assignments and contract work. Include:
o Any temporary work or contract work you have done – highlight this.
o Access to Wi-Fi at home, own PC/laptop, home office space to show you can work remotely if need be.
o List your skills separately so that it is obvious what you can do on a temporary assignment. The more skills you have, the more opportunities are available to you for work.
o Character traits that show you can grasp new concepts quickly and connect with new people easily.
o Inform your Recruitment Consultant that you are willing to do temporary assignments and keep in touch with them regularly.
o Once on the assignment:
o Produce good, accurate and timeous work.
o Have a solid work ethic – no cell phone usage, no gossip, no lateness, no absenteeism.
o Ask questions to understand what is expected.
o Use your initiative to go above and beyond what is expected of you.
o Well presented/groomed. The image you project is a sign of how capable you are.
o Eager to please and serve. You are going in to assist with a possible crisis.
o Available to your Recruitment Consultant. Check the cell phone number/email address you have noted on your CV. Make sure you have airtime/data so that you can always be contacted.
o Flexible and open to different possibilities. Learn to be humble and say “yes”.
o Honest and trustworthy.
o An ambassador for O’Brien Recruitment.

What do you need to do to your CV to make it more temp friendly?

Inspiration to be the best version of you…

Photo by Domenico Loia on Unsplash