Your job has 3 elements that need to work in harmony in order for you to be successful:
1. Skill: Learnt – conscious behaviour.
2. Motivation: Practiced – often unconscious behaviour.
3. Discipline: Learnt and practiced – conscious behaviour.

Motivation is about your attitude, the belief that the solution is always within you and the acceptance that you always have choice. It is your ability to act in a goal directed way. However, to be motivated in tough times is sometimes not enough….we need discipline.

Things to do:
Do what you need to do each day because you ‘HAVE TO’ not because you ‘FEEL LIKE IT’.
Define what you have to do:
¬ What is your job purpose?
¬ Write down your 3 to 5 SMART goals to achieve your purpose.
¬ List tasks/actions to be completed/achieved
¬ Schedule ALL tasks in one format, eg: diary/wall planner/outlook calendar
Build enthusiasm:
¬ Get curious about what works for you and how you can stay focused, professional and
brilliant at what you do and what you want to achieve.
¬ Be interested in what you have to do and have to offer.
¬ Seek knowledge to know that what you are doing is based in wisdom.
¬ Believe in what you are doing and the benefits to others. Your “WHY” must be crystal clear.

Create a victory list – what are the highs from the last week? Make them visual. Share them with colleagues, family and friends. Celebrate the wins. Sometimes you will win and sometimes you will learn.

Remember 1 is greater than zero. All progress is GOOD.

Remind yourself that YOU are making a difference to people in whatever you are consistently doing.

What can you do to lead a more disciplined life in your work and personal life?

Watch this video to find our why we need discipline.

Photo by Xan Griffin on Unsplash