Job Listing

Job Title
Freight Driver - 2 weeks
Employment Type
3 to 5 years
R35 to R40
Job Published
22 March 2024
Job Reference No.

Job Description

Join the dynamic team and be part of something extraordinary! We are seeking a Temporary Driver for 2 weeks with a Code 8 license who thrives on adventure and is passionate about ensuring the safe and compliant transportation of goods. If you're ready to take the wheel and drive towards a fulfilling career, look no further!

As a temporary driver with a Code 8 license, your role will be crucial in ensuring the smooth and compliant transportation of goods, particularly in relation to port health, plant, state vet, and SARS requirements. You will be responsible for timely document submissions, thorough physical inspections, and adherence to regulatory guidelines.


  1. Transportation and Delivery:

    • Safely drive and deliver goods to designated locations.
    • Ensure on-time deliveries and efficient route planning.
  2. Document Submission:

    • Prepare and submit all required port health documents promptly.
    • Familiarity with SARS document submission procedures and requirements.
    • Coordinate with the relevant authorities for smooth document processing.
  3. Compliance Management:

    • Ensure compliance with all port health regulations during transportation.
    • Familiarity with plant and state vet requirements for transporting specific goods.
    • Stay updated on any changes in regulations and communicate them to the team.
  4. Physical Inspections:

    • Conduct thorough physical inspections of goods before transportation.
    • Collaborate with port health officials for on-site inspections as needed.
    • Follow proper procedures for handling and transporting sensitive items.
  5. Record Keeping:

    • Maintain accurate records of deliveries, inspections, and document submissions.
    • Assist in the preparation of reports related to transportation compliance.
  6. Vehicle Maintenance:

    • Ensure the vehicle is in good working condition.
    • Report any maintenance or repair needs promptly.
  7. Communication:

    • Effectively communicate with stakeholders regarding delivery schedules and compliance issues.
    • Work closely with the operations team to streamline processes.
  8. Safety and Security:

    • Adhere to all safety protocols during transportation and inspections.
    • Keep goods secure and protected against damage or theft.

Qualifications and Skills:

    • Valid Code 8 driver's license.
    • Previous experience in transportation, especially in dealing with port health and regulatory compliance.
    • Knowledge of port health, plant, state vet, and SARS document submission and inspection processes.
    • Excellent organizational skills with attention to detail.
    • Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
    • Strong communication skills for interacting with authorities and team members.
    • Physical fitness for loading and unloading goods when necessary.