Job Listing

Job Title
Quality Manager (Apparel)
Employment Type
Full Time
5 to 7 years
Job Published
07 June 2023
Job Reference No.

Job Description

Calling all Apparel Quality Managers! Are you ready to groove your way into an exciting role in the world of apparel? We're looking for a Apparel Quality Manager extraordinaire to join our hip and happening team. Get ready to strut your stuff and make a fashionable impact!

As an Apparel Quality Manager, you'll be the maestro of the Quality Process, ensuring that the apparel meets the highest standards of style and quality. You'll be responsible for leading the charge in developing and implementing top-notch quality control initiatives that guarantee the products are nothing short of fabulous.


Key Responsibilities


  • Lead the quality team like a choreographer, providing continuous information and improvement to achieve the quality goals and standards
  • Monitor the rhythm of production processes and give feedback across the organization
  • Train and coach the quality team to be efficient and stylish in their work
  • Innovate and implement local practices that meet the quality expectations and standards
  • Take the stage as the primary contact for the manufacturing and distribution partners, managing the QC team 
  • Build and maintain sizzling QC reporting models to evaluate inspections, tolerances, timing, and overall quality standards
  • Use your fashion sense to review and analyze QC reports, implementing process improvements that make the garments shine
  • Make sure the quality team is well-versed in all things fashionably perfect
  • Keep a tight grip on rejects, repairs, and washable garments to maintain impeccable standards
  • Prepare a year plan for improving overall quality—let's set the fashion world on fire!
  • Create a quality manual that ensures everyone knows the quality policies and procedures like the back of their hand
  • Make sure the team is in sync with the latest dance moves in apparel fashion—support and drive engagement initiatives
  • Keep the beat of EHS and regulatory compliance requirements—it's all about being responsible and stylish
  • Maintain world-class levels of housekeeping
  • Show off your moves by implementing and improving quality management platforms and working with NPD to develop top-notch quality standards
  • Lead the charge in continuous improvement actions and report your amazing progress


Desired Skills and Experience


  • Diploma or Btech degree in Garment Production or any relevant qualification that proves you're a fashion virtuoso
  • 5-7 years of FMCG experience in garment production—clothing and textiles preferred
  • Proven track record of implementing groovy QA/QC systems and procedures
  • Flex your management muscles—this role comes with 2 direct reports that will be dancing to your beat
  • Problem-solving and decision-making skills that make heads turn
  • Analytical skills that can read the rhythm of data like a seasoned DJ
  • Communication and presentation skills that can captivate an audience
  • Prioritization and planning skills that keep you in sync with the latest trends
  • High integrity and credibility
  • A motivation and drive that can make any fashionista jealous
  • People management skills that make you a true fashion leader
  • A sense of accountability and ownership that keeps you in the spotlight