How to ace an online interview

During the Covid-19 pandemic online interviews are happening more and more. They are becoming the new normal. It can be tough to connect with an individual or a panel online due to the fact that you are not able to get an accurate sense of the environment, the energy of the people and the context of the messages being sent.
Herewith a few things you can do to assist you to feel connected to the interview process.


Get familiar with the chosen online platform before the interview.
¬ Set up a session with a family member or a friend to work through the technicalities (camera, volume,
mute button…) of the chosen online platform. You do not want to be worrying about this when you have
your interview.
¬ Get feedback from your family member or friend on what went well and what could be improved on.

Prepare the interview space.
¬ Set up the area where you are going to be sitting when interviewed
¬ Professional backdrop
¬ Light coming in from behind your screen
¬ Camera at a slightly higher level than your eyes so that you are looking up into the camera
¬ No interruptions
¬ Minimal noise
¬ Sign onto the platform 5 minutes before the scheduled time.

Prepare talking points.
¬ As with any interview prepare points of discussion
¬ How will you introduce yourself
¬ Prepare answers to standard questions you think might be asked
¬ Prepare questions to ask about the job and the company
¬ Prepare how you will end the interview
¬ Have your CV, the job specification and notes on how your skills and experience align to the position
on your desk/table next to you.

Make eye contact
¬ Making eye contact in an online interview is about looking at the camera when you talk.
¬ Do not look at yourself. If you are tempted, cover your image with a post-it.

Be aware of your body language and grooming
¬ Sit upright.
¬ Smile.
¬ Use your hands as you would when talking to someone face to face.
¬ Be aware of the tone of your voice and the pace at which you are talking. You want to speak clearly.
¬ Dress professionally as you would if you were going into an office to meet.
¬ When asked a question, be brief and to the point.

Have you practiced an online session to get used to this way of communicating?

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