Getting through an interview might be “tough enough” but getting your CV to be considered is an important first step. Take the time to make sure your CV is marketing you correctly! Let’s have a look at a few major reasons candidates get their applications binned!
1. Spelling and Grammatical Errors.
From a potential employer’s perspective if you are unable to create a clean document how can you be trusted to handle larger projects! No matter how sound your content might be remember that your application is seen as a reflection on you, your attention to detail and how strongly you feel about the job opening. That said make sure your CV reads like a story is sequentially correct and easy to read, it is not meant to be a puzzle that needs to be solved!
How to avoid this? After you have proof read and proof read your CV again, ask a trusted confidant to check it for you again!

2. Requirements of the Job Spec and the experience reflecting in your CV are poorly aligned.
If there is not enough intersection between what you have done and what they need you will not get your CV considered. Often HR or a junior Recruiter is screening CVs and if your CV doesn’t “match” the spec your CV could be discarded.
How to avoid this? Make sure you customise your CV for each role that you are applying for ensuring that you highlight on your CV the competencies required in the job spec. Explain how your experience would translate into success in a role even if you haven’t specifically done it before.

3. No specific tailoring
Hiring requirements have shifted form hire for attitude and train for skill to in most cases considering only candidate’s that can contribute immediately. So if your application materials don’t clearly show interest and ability in completing the necessary requirements quickly, you may appear to risky to consider.
How to avoid this? Customise (yes, again!) your CV and write a covering letter that refers to the specific role and company that is hiring and why you are capable, suitable and interested.
4. Your potential impact isn’t clear
When a hiring manager evaluates your application you want them to be thinking “if he or she were to replicate those same accomplishments with us, we’d be in great shape”
How to avoid this? Back up your claims! Explain what you have achieved in similar roles and how you did it.

5. CV is a mixed bag
A patchwork of unrelated jobs can be a tough sell to prospective employers. Employers could regard you a “jack of all trades but a master of none”.
How to avoid this? Customise your CV (again!!), based on the job spec you are responding to Highlight and expand on the relevant in your content and your covering letter and downplay the parts that are not relevant for that particular role.

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