Making the BEST of what you have

You are about to graduate, the ending of one phase of your life and the exciting new beginning of another phase…the world of work. The key to entering this phase is to accept that you have to be 100% proactive about going out there and finding your first job. So, what do you have to work with? You probably do not have the work experience to impress a prospective employer, so you need to work with what you do have.

Things to do:

Create a CV that is quick and easy to read

¬ Content to be included:
⎫ Personal details: Name, contact details, ID
⎫ Secondary education: School, highest grade, year
⎫ Tertiary education: Institution, highest qualification, year
⎫ Courses: Institution, course, date completed
⎫ Computer literacy: Working knowledge and experience
⎫ Skills: What you can do
⎫ Competencies: How you do it – character traits
⎫ Career history: Include internships and holiday jobs
⎫ Achievements: List any achievements or leadership roles
⎫ Interests: Hobbies, things you love doing
⎫ References: This can be a character reference

¬ Format
⎫ Choose a layout and font
⎫ Make all headings the same font and size
⎫ Use bullet points NOT long paragraphs
⎫ The 1st page MUST get the attention of the reader:
♣ Name
♣ Professional photo
♣ Purpose statement…My purpose is to…
♣ Personal details
¬ NO spelling or grammatical errors. Always get someone to proof read your CV

Motivation letter to go with your CV
Email subject line: Application for the position of….
Start it with: ‘Dear’ not ‘Hi’
End it with: ‘Yours sincerely’ or ‘Regards’
Introduction: This email serves the purpose of…
The reason for this email is to…
Please find attached a copy of my CV for the position of…
Body: I am a…
I have experience in…
I enjoy…
I am skilled at…
I would like a job/position that…
Ending: Thank-you for your consideration. I will follow up with you…

Target organisations that you would like to work for

¬ List up to 10 organisations that you would like to work for and approach them directly. You would be asking to speak to their Human Resources Manager.

Interview preparation. Consider your:
⎫ Grooming
⎫ Body language
⎫ Preparation to answer questions
⎫ Preparation to ask questions
⎫ Closing remarks

Create a personal brand
Brand is the experience people have of YOU and from that experience people create a short-hand for what you are capable of.
Ask yourself OR someone close to you, “What image do I project?” AND “What do I need to do to make it better?”

Does your CV sell the best of you?

Watch this video to get tips on how to create your CV